Performance Coach

BA (Hons), MSc (Organisational Psychology)

A new addition to the Veraison team, Bridget has recently graduated from a Masters in Organisational Psychology. Through a series of work placements in her final year of studies, Bridget has attained experience in several industries including oil and gas, state government, and private sector. A highlight from her work experience was the opportunity to work with Monadelphous on their maintenance project on Barrow Island to deliver a research project in collaboration with the University of Western Australia.

Bridget has also delivered research on safety and risk mitigation in relation to bushfire prevention, looking at how individual respond differently to risk. Additionally, her Master’s thesis focused on evaluating leadership programs to assess how motivation affect outcomes. This research background has fuelled her interest in both the safety culture and the leadership development space. 

With a focus on evidence-based practice, Bridget has a keen interest in psychometric assessment for ongoing measurement of individuals, teams, and organisations. She is accredited in the Saville Professional Suite, including Saville Wave personality assessment, and Saville aptitude tests. She recently completed her accreditation in GeneSys Suite of Psychometric Assessments, including the 15FQ+ personality profile, and a range of aptitude tests and OHS assessments.

Throughout her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Bridget had pleasure of working as a Crisis Support Officer at Lifeline WA. Whilst demanding, this experience has also been highly rewarding, and she has discovered how powerful a conversation can be when it comes at the right time with an open mind. Bridget is looking to take her initial skills and explore opportunities to train and develop in coaching.


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Mobile: 0423 029 198