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Denis Belliveau entrepreneur, musician, business consultant and coach. Denis co-founded Vertech Group, which quickly became Australia’s largest Industrial Rope Access company. Denis’ energy and passion for people, culture and safety were key to Vertech’s success. Vertech was acquired in 2012 by Scottish multinational GEG (Global Energy Group). Denis was appointed as Managing Director of Vertech and Vice-President of GEGAP (Global Energy Group Asia Pacific) in 2012 and resigned in 2015.

Denis was born in New Brunswick Canada and found his way to Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies where he immersed himself in nature and adventure sports. Denis worked as a Park Ranger and as a bartender where he met his Australian wife.

They married and migrated to Perth WA in 1995. Denis co-founded the rock band Jaluka which was very active in the original music scene from 1996 to 2002.

During this time Denis was washing windows and doing maintenance work on Perth’s skyscrapers on ropes until the birth of his first child. The music industry was very competitive and not overly lucrative so Denis immersed himself in the Industrial Rope Access Industry by upskilling to become an Advanced Rigger/NDT Inspector specialising in structural inspection in difficult and challenging areas on Oil Rigs and FPSO’s around the world using industrial climbing and abseiling methods. In 2008 Denis followed his passion for safety and became a Behavioural Safety Coach on the Pluto Gas Plant construction project facilitating workshops and coaching teams. In late 2008 along with his best mate and wife Denis founded Vertech Group Pty and the rest his history.

In 2016 Denis established a consultancy The Leadership Den, coaching and supporting small to medium sized business, he also released a solo album in late 2016 under the name of Supermoon Den.

Denis’ passion for people, leadership, safety and culture has brought him to the Veraison team as a Performance Coach and is very excited about transforming organisational culture and developing high performing teams.




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