Performance Coach

Mike House is one of Australia’s leading survival instructors and a highly experienced facilitator.

He has spent 20 years working with groups as diverse as youth at risk, multinational corporations and television documentary crews on what has been described as the “world’s most arduous survival exercise outside the military” (National Geographic America 1999).
Mike has survived several life-threatening survival situations on the ocean, in tropical jungles, in raging white-water and extended sea kayak journeys.
As a birthday present to himself, Mike undertook a 12 day solo survival walk in one of Australia’s most hostile environments, taking 2 litres of water, a pocket sized survival kit and the clothes on his back. Mike put his survival skills to the test sourcing all his food and water off the land – and loved the experience!
By observing and leading people in complex situations of extreme deprivation and duress, Mike has developed keen insight for how humans either panic and suffer or adapt and thrive. He sees the same behaviours in ordinary workplaces and shows people how to view their work, daily tasks, relationships and opportunities through new eyes. It is that depth of experience and wisdom that makes working with Mike informative, colourful, deep and profound.
Mike is passionate about developing great teams, lead by inspiring people who thrive and adapt, regardless of the circumstances they face. He like's to leave a trail of "Raving Fans" and is passionate about understanding exactly what his clients need.
Growing up on a farm in the south west of WA, Mike spent his formative years exploring and observing the bush, sometimes alone, sometimes with his father who holds generations of wisdom, and sometimes with Noongar people who hold millennia of wisdom. In his spare time, Mike is building a 2 seat open cockpit plane from scratch in his shed at home. He hopes to fly it as a present to himself for his next birthday milestone.
Fundamental survival instincts are hard wired into us as human beings and have a profound impact on our success in business, relationships, and change environments. Using insights from the natural environment, survival experience and psychology (both ancient and modern) and current leadership models and theories, Mike will introduce you to readily applicable knowledge and tools to transform your results, decrease your stress and bring a greater sense of wonder and joy into your business or personal life.
In a situation like being stranded in the outback or shipwrecked at sea, these skills make the difference between life and death. In business - the death may be metaphorical and take longer - but no less certain if you ignore the fundamentals. Don’t be content to merely survive –Mike can show you how to thrive.


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