Nicole Koelewijn - Assessment Coordinator/ Performance Coach 

B.Law & Commerce 

Nicole is an accredited coach and mediator who is passionate about helping others access the self-awareness that can transform both personal performance and communication with others.

After completing degrees in law and commerce and gaining admission as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Western Australia, she now has more than 10 years of working experience in the corporate and public sector. Most of this time has been spent consulting for a large professional services firm in the areas of Research and Development Incentives and Transformation Confidence. This involved Nicole working closely with organisations across all industries spanning from health to mining, which were implementing large company wide innovation projects. By working with the leaders responsible for these projects, she is well versed in the challenges faced by managers and employees when navigating organisational change and the personal and professional development this necessitates. Nicole has also spent time in The Netherlands, working at a university where her role was to manage international relations.

These people centric positions involved working with teams of all shapes and sizes, providing ample opportunity to observe what holds people back and what enables them function at their best in this context.

As an accredited NMAS mediator, she is highly interested in workplace dynamics and how communication can shift conflict and tension within this environment.

Nicole loves connecting with people from all sorts of backgrounds and hearing their stories. This drive has led her to undertake student exchange programs abroad in Sweden and Canada. One of her personal highlights was volunteering for a volunteer Animal Conservation project in the Amazon rainforest in Peru.

When she’s not working, Nicole loves being outdoors with her husband and young son (if there’s a mountain to hike up even better!).

An eternal student, Nicole thrives on gaining new insights and loves helping others do the same.


Contact Nicole

Mobile: 0423 089 165