Ensuring staff wellbeing and fitness for work is a responsibility that quality employers take seriously.

When a staff member turns up for work in a manner that may jeopardise their own or others safety, it is imperative that an organisation has a process for ensuring that staff member is fit for work. When employees are not fit for work not only does it lead to poor performance (their own and their colleagues) but it can lead to injury or death in extreme cases.

Some of the indicators that may indicate that an individual is not fit for work include:

  • Obvious struggle to complete tasks
  • Out of character behaviour e.g. irritability / aggression, vagueness
  • Apparent lack of attention or concentration
  • Smell of alcohol / drugs on an employee
  • Obvious illness or injury (e.g. flu symptoms, limping)
  • Lethargy

A Fitness For Work (FFW) assessment helps an organisation determine whether a staff member is able to safely perform the duties of the role for which they are employed or applying for. It may also provide guidance for employers in relation to the management of employees and how best to facilitate the clients’ return to work following the relevant psychological or medical intervention. 

Veraison FFW Assessment and Management Plan

We have a partnership with an Occupational Physician specialising in mental health and physical injuries that enables us to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to Fitness for Work. Our comprehensive Fitness for Work Assessment and Management Plans incorporate:

  • An initial assessment
  • A Management Plan including return to work recommendations
  • A FFW Report for the organisation
  • Liaison with key internal stakeholders (HR, Managers, supervisors etc.)
  • Liaison with key external professionals (including GP, Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, drug and alcohol specialists etc.) as required

Veraison offers FFW consultancy services. policy development, testing, FFW management planning and reporting, education, support and follow up. We also assist managers who may have staff with FFW concerns and may need advice on how to deal with the situation.

Contact us to discuss a comprehensive approach that meets your Fitness for Work needs.