Veraison works cooperatively with companies that are committed to developing and nurturing mutually beneficial business and social relationships with indigenous traditional owners of the land upon which current or future resource recovery operations exist.

We partner with such businesses to move from a theoretical level of commitment, though to actual strategies tailored specifically to deliver on employee diversity targets. Benefits include:

  • a relationship with the traditional owners based on good faith and mutual respect
  • local workforce members who have an affinity with the land and are happy to reside on country
  • recognition of effort and outcomes by industry peers and relevant authorities

Through many years of experience in working with indigenous communities throughout Australia, Veraison provides an approach to a complex and often frustrating set of challenges which produces outcomes that are worthy of being highlighted in the annual reporting process. By spending time getting to understand and respect the deeply rooted cultural background of the traditional owners, and by paying more than just lip service to cross cultural awareness, the business gains an empathetic reputation. This reputation in turn stands it in good stead when having to confront and resolve some of the issues that may arise during the employer/employee work relationship.

Apart from the obvious need for specific skill training/re-training required for the work roles, it’s important to map out a potential career path for each individual. While some will be content to remain at a certain skill or competence level, there are others who like to have an aspirational target which may take several years to achieve. Veraison will work with the company supervisors and the individual workers to help select participants, devise suitable career plans and implant related training packages. A key feature of this approach is establishing and maintaining an effective mentor program. Veraison excels in the area of helping the company to select compatible and productive mentor relationships.

Indigenous Engagement Program


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