I’ve personally experienced the gut-wrenching feeling of breaking tragic news to family members after their loved one was killed at work. This has infused a lifelong commitment within me to support all leaders to create safe and productive businesses

Ashley Hunt, Lead MINE Coach

Nobody wants to be hurt at work, nor hurt anyone else, yet the choices we make cause unintended results. We genuinely believe that it is possible to successfully complete complex, high risk activities safely, by raising our awareness of our internal drivers and generating a breakthrough in our personal responsibility and leadership. We are genuinely committed to win/win relationships that improve both performance and safety -our fees are directly tied to your organisational performance improvement.

Our MINE Coach Program offers a unique partnership opportunity to optimise your business performance. We optimise workplace relationships and systemic business practises resulting in:

  • Engaged employees who are loyal from start to finish
  • Projects running on time and delivering all targets
  • A culture where genuine care and concern becomes part of achieving extraordinary results

Our MINE Coaches are all Masters qualified with many years of hands on mining experience.  Our program has won an international award for transforming culture and optimising business performance.

All MINE Coach programs are uniquely designed to meet the needs of our partnering organisation and involve a comprehensive assessment, a range of high impact activities and a re-assessment every 12-18 months. A typical process involves:

MINE Coach

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